Class PB EIFS has been the workhorse of the industry for many years. It is designed for all types of construction; new or retrofit, low rise and high rise. It is made up of an adhesive base coat, insulation board, base coat, reinforcing mesh, and finish coat. It can be used over several substrates including Den Glass Gold, Masonry, Concrete, and Cement Board. With special adhesives, the system can also be used over plywood substrates.
Secondary Weather Barrier EIFS is used when an air barrier, increased moisture protection and redundancy are required. This provides all the benefits of the classic PB System with an added level of protection to the sheathing and cavity against moisture and air infiltration. A trowel or roller applied secondary weather barrier is applied to the sheathing and all the openings are sealed with a compatible fabric faced flashing. This system provides extra protection while sustaining all pertinent wind load requirements.
Drainage Channel Adhesive Design‘ is used when a ‘rainscreen’ feature or moisture drainage wall system is required. The Drainage System adds flashing and weeps to the Secondary Weather Barrier System thus providing a way of drainage for any incidental moisture.


Stucco is comprised of one or two layers of moisture protection sealed in to all openings. Metal or vinyl trim accessories are mechanically attached prior to the installation of a metal lath. Then the cement based stucco is applied in 3 coats.


Cultured Stone is basically concrete mixed with aggregate and color pigments and shaped in special, detailed, molds to produce a real stone look and feel. Quality stone veneer products are, therefore, durable and made with solid color to avoid discoloration over their long service span. Maintain and clean artificial stone with common sense and these tips, and your Cultured Stone projects will outlast you.

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